Download files any way you like

When you send files to someone via Filemail they can download the received files in five different ways.

Filemail Desktop - This is fastest and most robust way of downloading files - since the Filemail UAP protocol accelerates the transfer. Read more about Filemail Desktop here.

HTTPS - Download files in your web browser. This method is simple and effective, however the downside is the lack of integrity checking for downloaded files. Note: we strongly recommend using Filemail Desktop for large files (over 100 GB) since this app has integrity checks and can easily overcome network disconnects.

FTP - Despite being a 40+ year old protocol it’s still used in a lot of places. All files sent with Filemail can easily be downloaded using an FTP Client. This protocol has the same downside as HTTPS: the lack of integrity checking for downloaded files.

Torrent - This is a great choice if you are doing mass distribution with Filemail. The more people are downloading the faster the download will be for everyone. Our private torrent trackers ensure that your files will not get in the wrong hands.

Apps - You can easily download huge files (videos etc.) on your mobile devices using our Apps for iOS and Android.